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Gun Devils

Shooting Sports at ASU

The Gun Devils at Arizona State University are dedicated to educating students and members of the ASU community in firearm safety and providing a safe environment for collegiate students to learn and compete in clay target shooting sports.

Gundevils Fall 2022 Schedule 

The Gundevils hold team practice at Ben Avery every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, and every 2nd and 4th Friday on Fridays at Rio Salado Sportsmans club. 

Next Practice: 9/23 @Rio Salado

Download the Team Schedule: Click Here 

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Executive Board


Lauren Welsh


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Anthony Timpani

Executive Vice President


Everson Wimer




Executive Vice President


Victor Guerrerio

Team Captain


Ryan Hyatt

Team Captain

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Want to donate?

Donations help with the costs associated with ammo, clays, and travels. With your donations, we can support more Gun Devils through our program. Every penny counts!

Venmo: @GunDevils-ASU


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How do I join the Gun Devils?

If you are an ASU student, request to join our club on SunDevilSync. We will hold an information session at the beginning of each semester, so be on the lookout for an email about that. 
If you are looking to join mid-semester, send us an email or DM us on Instagram @gundevils and we will get back to you with more information.

I want to join but I don't have any experience with shotgun sports. What now?

No worries! Our team serves students from all experience levels. When joining the team each student will fill our paperwork and waivers, as well as attend a firearm safety class at the shooting range. We have coaches that will be by your side throughout practice and help get you started.

Do you hold tryouts to be on the team?

Nope! Our team serves all experience levels. Attendance to some competitions may require a "tryout", but it varies and more information will be given about this during practices.

I want to join but I don't have my own shotgun. What do I do?

Our team has shotguns that students may borrow at practice if they do not have one.

I want to join but I don't go to ASU. Is this possible?

If you are enrolled at a community college or university nearby that does not have their own clay target shooting team, you are more than welcome to join our club. There are some limitations on what non-ASU students can participate in, however it is possible, and we would love to have you! Please contact us if you are in this situation.

I have my own shotgun but I can't store it at my dorm/apartment. Do you have a place to store mine?

Our team has a bunker at our home practice range that students are able to store their shotguns in. Please contact us if you are in this situation.

Do you provide scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer scholarships. However, we do our best to make participating in our club as affordable as possible.

How expensive is it?

Our dues vary depending on funding, but are typically within the $100-$150 per semester. This will cover your practice targets and ammo, and potentially other costs depending on the funding available. 
Other costs may include registration fees, ammo, targets, flight stipends, housing, or meals for tournaments. Again, this varies on a case-by-case basis and depends on the funding available. 
Student Club Dues are set each year by committee. Dues cover about 10% of the operating cost and pay for your annual SCTP Registration Fees. Any Gun Devil that paid club dues, and is in good standing with ASU, has the Right to attend any official Team Event, Meeting, and will have Club Voting Rights. (Note: It costs in the range of $1,500- $2,500 per year, to fully fund a Member for one season.)

I want to join but I'm nervous about spreading myself too thin. Is attendance mandatory?

Many students on our team enjoy participating as a hobby, but are not interested in competing. And that is perfectly good with us! You can be as involved as you would like to be on this team. You get out of it what you put in!

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The Arizona Sporting Clays Association

The Arizona Sporting Clays Association

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The Scholastic Clay Target Program

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Association of College Unions International


Midway Foundation

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Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation

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Friends of the NRA

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Iron City Polaris

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Tucson Trap and Skeet Club

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